My Information

Although I use eQSL and LoTW I still love to receive qsl cards so please send me yours.

Located in Burntwood,  between the towns of Cannock and Lichfield in Staffordshire @ 178m ASL

Locator IO92aq


CQ Zone 14

ITU Zone 27


I am QRV on all bands from 80M to 70cms all modes including FT8 FT4 PSK31 JT65 JT9 ROS OLIVIA OPERA HELL WSPR  RTTY SSTV SSB CW FM D-Star, DMR and C4FM


Icom ID-51E Plus

DV-MEGA, RPi3 running MMDVM Pi-Star

CCS7 2352762

Mostly listening on REF001 C or DCS005M


Tytera MD380

ZumSpot, RPi3 running MMDVM Pi-Star

DMR-ID 2352762

Mostly monitoring Brandmaster 4400/4402, TG91 or DMR+ 4409


FT2DE and FDM400

JumboSpot, RPi3 running MMDVM Pi-Star

Mostly monitoring FCS001 Module 55 or CQ-UK Wires-X Room 27793 kindly provided by Stuart M0SGS


Raspberry Pi 2 running the RPi2-3 Version 1.02beta Allstar – March 26, 2016 – WA3DSP, KB4FXC, W0AMN image

Node 43397 mostly on listening on  HUBNet 41522


The Data Mode parts of the bands are where you will find me most of the time, I hope to see you on my screen at some point.

My New Years resolution each year is to try as many new data modes as possible, now in 2018 I have the following available so contact me by email if you want to try a new mode out:



JT65A & JT9 & FT8









Throb and some others………

I have a wsprlite running when not in the shack currently on 20M @ 100mW

My main data mode software is WSJT, WSJT-X,  Fldigi, sim_psk, MMSSTV, MRP4066 and Multipsk.

For logging, rig control etc. I use the  DXLab Suite and for contesting N1MM.

I also held an M3 Callsign M3HJX but I let this lapse in 2004 when class ‘B’ licence holders got access to HF.

I use a Flex 6300 transceiver or FT847 at the home QTH and an FT-857 mobile and FT-817 portable, enjoying QRP contacts.

For HF I use a Comet multiband vertical antenna. For VHF a 5 Element Yagi and co-linear for 2 & 70cms.

II live in a built up area near to Cannock Chase a large managed woodland.

Other hobbies include coarse fishing and computers including PCs,  Macs and the Raspberry Pi.

I look forward to hearing from you on air, via email or QSL card. If we have already worked, thank you for the QSO and hope to meet you again on the bands.

Contact from SWLs welcome, I used to be RS91568. I will always QSL by whatever means you prefer (but only if you provide the callsign of my QSO partner)

RSGB Member

RAYNET member

Riverway Amateur Radio Society R.A.R.S

Stafford Repeater Group member

PODXS 70             #276    
DMC                     #07026    
EPC                       #22963
CDG                      #1289
NDG                      #1851
BDM                      #4421
30MDG                  #6761    
FHC                       FH#4656
WSSTVC              #750
BARTG                  #9090

BSSTV                  #926

Worked All Britain   #11301    SFD SK00

de Dave G7HJX

QSL Information

I upload PSK and JT65, JT9, ROS and OPERA QSOs automaticaly to eQSL,  and SSB QSOs daily to eQSL.

I also upload everything to HRDLOG  automatically and just ROS and OPERA contacts to HAMLOG.

I occasionally bulk upload to QRZ.COM so it may be while for your contact to get confirmed via this route but it will be, ask if you need it quicker.

I upload to LoTW at least monthly, sometimes daily, email if you need a QSL earlier and I will upload it.

I send QSL cards via the Bureau if asked and respond to any I receive. I respond to all direct QSL cards, just enclose an addressed envelope and 2xUSD.

Although I use eQSL and LoTW I still love to receive qsl cards so please send me yours

If you need a card via the bureau or a direct card you can request this via Club Log using the form below:;